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East Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering a wide range of services from the most experienced surgeons in the region.

Over 20 years of excellence in surgery

East Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center (ETASC) opened its doors with a day of free surgical procedures in 1999 in benefit of Fresh Start, Inc. Johnson City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jim Brantner volunteered to start the facility after learning about Fresh Start two years prior.

The facility, a 6,000 square foot surgery center, soon became a thriving center for Dr. Brantner’s surgical practice and his volunteer weekends with Fresh Start. In May 2002, the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) expanded to offer all specialties. Plans for a new larger facility began in 2004, and in 2006, ETASC began construction on the current 15,150 square foot, $4.2 million facility.

East Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center front desk check-in

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

When a hospital admission is not required, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) are a pleasant alternative. Patients who elect to have surgery in an ASC arrive on the day of their procedure, have the surgery in a fully-equipped operating room, and recover under the care of the facility’s nursing staff, all without hospital admission.

From pediatric patients to the elderly, patients and their families alike benefit from the high-quality care provided and the safety and comfort of the ASC environment.

ETASC is an affiliate of Ballad Health.

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